Significant regulatory mandates are coming in January of 2023... We are only 6 months away from some of the biggest changes that have ever faced the industry!

fyxify will help protect your business. Get ahead of the curve and be a business that thrives while others struggle. The countdown has started and the time to understand and implement these changes is now. 

Join fyxify's founder and CEO, Darren Dixon, and learn how fyxify provides you and your business the tools for future proofing your profits!

Why fyxify is the Solution to Combat Upcoming DOE Regulatory Changes

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

11:30 - 12:30 PM EST

Join us for an in-depth look at:

  • Regulatory compliance countdown
  • Avoiding scheduling bottlenecks with end of year activity increase
  • Inventory management and closeout stock
  • Effectively communicating high-efficiency units to the consumer for increased sales tickets and replacement conversions
  • Calculating energy consumption and efficiency needs
  • Overcoming inconsistencies in the field
  • Streamlining price books for tech compliance
  • Communication and sales tools

Learn from an industry expert


For over 30 years, Darren Dixon has been a highly successful leader in the Home Services industry. From his early days as an owner/operator, to leading franchise development for the largest independently owned residential service business in North America, mentoring and helping contractors across the country while leading the expansion of a contractor success college, to innovating the industry with revolutionary contractor-developed industry software solutions, Darren is a true pioneer and innovator, with a track record of excellence. Darren has had the unique opportunity to be both mentored by iconic industry experts, and mentoring owner/operators throughout the United States and has been able to translate his vast knowledge and experience in training, operations, marketing, innovation, and sales into smart-technology software solutions to help contractors of all sizes create streamlined & consistently profitable HVAC business.