Significant regulatory mandates are coming in January of 2023 and now's the time to help future proof contractors' businesses to confront these imminent changes.

Join fyxify's Josh Watson to learn more about these impending regulatory changes, the raw impacts of compliance, and the three key areas of creating stability in their business in times of change: Sustainability, Automation, and Data.

The countdown has started and the time to understand and implement these changes is now.  fyxify offers all of the smart technology solutions, including data-driven algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to keep your contractors compliant, consistent, and reliably more profitable.

DOE Regulatory Changes and the In-Field Impacts

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

11:30 - 12:30 PM EST

Join Josh for an in-depth look at:

  • Regulatory compliance countdown
  • Helping your contractors avoid scheduling bottlenecks with end of year activity increases
  • Inventory management and closeout stock
  • Teaching contractors to effectively communicate high-efficiency units to the consumer for increased sales tickets and replacement conversions
  • Calculating energy consumption and efficiency needs
  • The tools to overcome inconsistencies in the field
  • Streamlining price books for tech compliance

In 2015, Josh entered the HVAC industry as a Comfort Advisor, selling $2.4M in residential units in year one. Josh quickly raised the ranks to become a sales trainer and sold an additional $8M in the next 36 months. Josh’s innate business acumen led him to quickly understand the ecology of the business and has mastered the foundational principles of operational excellence. In his next role, as a national trainer, educator and recruiter for Praxis-S10, Josh taught contractors across the United States, proven systems for increased sustainable growth, instilling the principles that operational excellence means that every employee operates at a skill level that directly contributes to the flow of value to a customer. Taking these philosophies, coupled with his extensive in-field experience and deep understanding of HVAC business’ inner workings, Josh’s expertise has helped shape the development of the only modern HVAC software solution that uses artificial intelligence to effectively communicate the importance of real-time data to all stakeholders in the HVAC ecosystem based on how that data directly impacts them today.